Available exclusively through Diax Labs™, our highly sought, proprietary UCompliDx™ is a groundbreaking panel that tests for compliance of medications commonly prescribed for cardiovascular disorder, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and inflammatory conditions.

America’s Other Drug Problem

Non-adherence to prescription drugs has become the nations other drug problem.

145 million Americans suffer from chronic illnesses

32 million Americans have been prescribed three or more medicines daily

75% of adults is non-adherent in one or more ways

50% of chronically ill patients don’t adhere to prescribed regimens

125,000 preventable deaths annually are tied to non-adherence to medications

The economic impact of non-adherence is estimated at $300 billion annually

Critical Testing for Critical Issues

The history of UCompliDx™ speaks to the immense value of having physicians at the helm. Diax Labs™ co-founder Dr. Saad Alsaab, himself a cardiologist, realized that a large percentage of patients were not complying with their critical prescription drug treatment plans. In his quest to protect chronic care patients from additional health issues and higher risks for blood clots, heart attacks and cardiovascular decline associated with non-compliance, Dr. Alsaab created UCompliDx™ and extended the test panel to include other chronic conditions, including diabetes.

Diabetic patients who ignore or stray from their diabetes medications face a wide range of short- and long-term dangers, including death. For cardiac patients and diabetics alike, UCompliDx™ is effective and proactive in determining whether prescription drugs are being dosed as prescribed.

Comprehensive Results + Common Conflicts

UCompliDx™ tests for 31 distinct drugs that are different from the 64 analytes in our Prescription Drug Monitoring test panel. Cardiologists and general medicine doctors find this test to be highly valuable in forming and monitoring treatment plans based on the test’s comprehensive look at health and identification of common conflicts. Unlike Diax Labs’™ pain management testing panels, this panel does not test for illicit drugs.

Value-based Healthcare

The trend toward value-based care is gaining momentum, and forward-thinking physicians are using UCompliDx™ as an opportunity to be rewarded for improving their quality of patient care and reducing the effects and incidences of chronic diseases based on metrics such as reducing hospital readmissions, boosting preventative care and utilizing certified health technologies.

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