Introducing ToxMetrix, the first-of-its-kind integrated solution encompassing three laboratory tests that elevate personalized medicine for unparalleled prescription medication monitoring.

Comprehensive and revolutionary, ToxMetrix gives physicians 100% clarity in three critical areas associated with pain management: The patient’s genetic predisposition to drug effectiveness, patient sample authenticity, and comprehensive prescription monitoring.

ToxMetrix gives physicians 100% clarity in three critical areas

  1. PGx pharmacogenetic testing determines how a specific patient will respond to a particular medication or combination of medicines based on their unique DNA, identifies unique sensitivities to possible drug effects and helps physicians optimize treatment by prescribing the right dosage of the right medication.

  2. Prescription Medication Monitoring through our EZ Drop™ solution detects concentration levels of medications and the potential for drug interactions, all from a single blood drop. And like no other laboratory, Diax Labs also tests urine and saliva for the purpose of prescription medication monitoring.

  3. DNA LOCK uses a simple buccal swab to establish a patient ID using baseline DNA and digitize the patient’s unique DNA fingerprint. When that patient submits future urine, blood or saliva samples, DNA LOCK™ extracts sub-cells, runs an ID test and either confirms a genetic match or detects a genetic mismatch.

An Integrated Solution Not Available Elsewhere

This integrated three-test solution from Diax Labs™ is not available elsewhere in the laboratory marketplace, making ToxMetrix the go-to test for pain management physicians and family medicine doctors seeking greater certainty and personalized medicine solutions.


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