Respiratory Pathogen Panel (RPP)
Accurately detect seasonal bacteria and viruses.

Diax Labs offers highly utilized RPP testing that detects 53 respiratory pathogens, now including COVID-19, and 43 antibiotic resistance markers — and we do so with a robust 24-hour validation.

Sensitivity and Specificity

Common Misdiagnoses of Influenza

According to the Center for Disease Control, most of the rapid influenza diagnostic tests that can be conducted in a physician’s office are only 50-70% accurate.

Family doctors, internal medicine physicians and pediatricians frequently order our infectious diseases tests for bacteria and viruses causes of infection in the upper respiratory and lower respiratory (pneumonia microorganisms). Unlike rapid assays commonly performed in clinics and doctors’ offices, our panel is inordinately more sensitive, more specific and does not rely on a healthcare provider’s assumptions or knowledge about the seasonality of viruses.

As a result of the expeditious accuracy of Diax Labs’ molecular respiratory pathogen testing, physicians and patients alike realize a range of important benefits.

• Reduce false negatives
• Detect polymicrobial infections
• Include one of the most extensive antibiotic resistance gene panels
• Are unaffected by concurrent antibiotic use
• Reports consistently delivered within 24 hrs

Specific, Accurate Diagnoses

  • 53 Pathogens and 43 antibiotic resistance markers associated with acute respiratory
    disease can be detected including COVID-19, Coronavirus HKU, Coronavirus NL63,
    Coronavirus 229E, and Coronavirus OC43.
  • Flu, one of the most severe illnesses of the winter season, is identified and diagnosed
    through the use of various target gene assays.
  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), the most common viral cause of death in children
    younger than five years, is diagnosed through tests based on reverse transcriptionpolymerase chain reaction.
  • Pneumonia, the most common cause for adult hospital admissions, has a highly
    improved diagnosis rate as a result of our techniques and transcription for specific,
    more sensitive systems of pathogen detection.

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