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Posted by Sara Carpenter on Aug 10, 2020 1:33:27 PM
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Safe. Simple. Secure. Certain. These are the components physicians and other licensed providers require from urine testing, which has long been the gold standard for monitoring patient drug abuse or misuse, sobriety and treatment compliance.


Here’s where it gets tricky.


The Stakes are High

It stands to reason that someone who battles addiction might cheat on a urine drug test to gain or maintain access to a certain medication, particularly a controlled substance, such as a pain killer. Similarly, anyone who must have a clean test result for employment purposes or sports participation, but who has cause for concern, might resort to tampering with or replacing the urine sample to achieve a clean result. The same is true for a parent or guardian whose test results might be considered in a child welfare case.


Whatever the scenario, the stakes are high, and physicians are constantly faced with many questions associated with urine drug testing. These questions and their answers can impact the patient’s health, safety and treatment plan, as well as the potential safety of others.

  • Is the specimen authentic?
  • Has the patient threatened the integrity of the treatment plan or sobriety program by substituting the urine specimen?
  • How will the patient’s health, family, workplace and public safety be compromised if an assumption is simply made that the urine sample is authentic?
  • Can the patient be trusted, and how does mistrust impact the crucial physician-patient relationship?

Behind Closed Doors

Physicians and clinical laboratories alike have long known that patients have many tricks for altering or replacing urine samples behind closed doors.

Big Bucks Corruption


Reflecting the demand for opportunities to cheat on drug tests, synthetic urine and test corruption products are a billion-dollar industry…and growing.


There are many ways patients can tamper with urine tests, including manipulating their own samples with dilution, additives and ingestibles. Patients frequently substitute clean urine without any trace of illicit drugs, which can be obtained from a friend or family member, or even purchased online, in their quests for a clean test result. There’s also another go-to method to falsify drug test results: synthetic urine, which is readily available in novelty shops, convenience stores and online, including Amazon. As a result, clinicians can face serious consequences when patients couple drug and alcohol abuse with specimen replacement.


Combating Deception

The bottom line is clear: The only way a physician can ensure a patient has provided an authentic urine sample is to match that urine to the patient’s DNA.


Good news!


Diax Labs has developed DNA LOCKTM to give clinicians complete certainty that a patient’s urine is, in fact, that patient’s urine. There are four safe, simple steps to ensure 100% accuracy of urine specimen authentication.

  1. A medical professional performs the DNA swab collection in the physician’s office or witnesses the collection via telemedicine.
  2. Thereafter, a physician submits an online order for a patient urine test, and Diax Labs mails the collection kit directly to the patient.
  3. The patient collects the urine sample and returns it directly to Diax Labs in the provided postage-paid packaging.
  4. Diax Labs reports the results of the urine to the physician and either confirms a match or alerts a mismatch of the patient’s urine sample with that patient’s ID secured digitally in DNA LOCK™.


Combatting Logistics and Risks Amid the Pandemic

The COVID-19 global pandemic has made logistics and risk of exposure top of mind for people of all ages, in all places and in all matters of life, health and business.


DNA LOCK™ is a timely testing solution for:

√ Physicians and other care providers seeking a testing that patients can self-administer at home

Physicians who make prescription drug and treatment plan decisions for high-stakes patients

√ Patients who are immunocompromised or at an increased risk for contracting COVID-19

√ Patients and their caregivers who are concerned about going to a laboratory or doctor’s office during the global pandemic

√ Physicians seeking a safe, touchless sample collection

√ Workers who have been relocated or travel for their job, such as truckers

√ Educational and athletic programs that have strict drug-free policies



Patient Authentication Service


             Simple         Seamless

             Safe              Secure

             Accurate     Reliable


DNA LOCK™ makes it simple for patients to collect and return a urine sample without delay. For doctors offering the safety and convenience of telemedicine, DNA LOCK™’s simple, streamlined process ensures DNA authentication for informed decision-making and continuity of care.


Revolutionary Urine Testing for Gold-standard Certainty

Are you an independent physician seeking complete confidence in patient sample collections through DNA authentication? Are you a laboratory marketing professional that sells to independent physicians?


We’re here to assist you and welcome the opportunity to talk with you about Diax Labs’ DNA LOCK™. To learn more or to schedule a virtual presentation, click here.


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