No More Guesswork About Genetic Testing

Posted by Sara Carpenter on Mar 31, 2022 11:17:38 AM
Sara Carpenter
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Guessing. Speculation. Uncertainty. These aren’t things you should experience when considering or discussing genetic testing and reviewing results.

In partnership with DNAvisit, Diax Labs takes the guesswork out of genetic testing and places interpretation and insights from certified genetic counselors and pharmacists at your fingertips and one phone call away.

Beyond the Basics

While you probably understand the basics about genetics, genetic testing is complicated. Test results can be confusing. And the estimated 19,969 protein-coding genes* in the human body may create important questions about testing.

DNAvisit is one phone call away as a valuable resource by voice, video and digital chat to:
√ Clarify the mutations our panels test for
√ Discuss and interpret test reports
√ Provide understandable answers to complicated genetics questions
√ Reduce your burden and liability by providing every patient with a certified genomics expert

What You and A Patient Can Expect

Here’s a real-world look at what you and your patient can expect following a Diax Lab genetic test.
• You will receive a clinical summary note and the direct-dial number to a DNAvisit genetic counselor or pharmacist for personalized support.
• You can incorporate any of the patient’s pertinent information from existing medical records for the genetic counselor to reference when talking to you and your patient.
• Your patient will be connected with a certified genetic counselor for a proactive consultation, up-to-date interpretation and insights about test results.

Diax Labs Genetic Testing Support Line

A second resource – Dr. Hung Nguyen, who we call Dr. Hung – is available on our Genetic Testing Support Line to address your questions about Diax Labs’ suite of genetics tests and DNAvisit genetic counseling.

Dr. Hung is Diax Labs’ Molecular Laboratory Manager. With more than 10 years of experience in human molecular genetics and neuroscience, including as a genetics research scientist at Mayo Clinic earlier in his career, Dr. Hung is tremendously skilled in high-throughput approaches to DNA sequencing, commonly known as next-generation sequencing, as well as quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR), droplet digital polymerase chain reaction (ddPCR) and CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing. He can counsel you about:

CardioMetrixTM, which integrates three cutting-edge diagnostic technologies to create a data-driven personalized treatment plan for patients
Cardiac Genetic Testing to detect mutations associated with inherited cardiovascular diseases and sudden cardiac death
Cancer Genetic Testing that targets the most important genes associated with breast, colon, pancreatic, gynecological and melanoma cancers
Neurocognitive Evaluation Panel for an accurate diagnosis of a nonreversible decline in mental function so a timely personalized, data-driven treatment plan can be developed
PGx Testing for drug disposition and effects
Diabetes and Obesity Testing for genetic types of diabetes

We’re Here to Help

Are you an independent physician interested in a clinician-centered approach to genetics testing for patients at risk for hereditary conditions? Are you a laboratory marketing professional who sells to these independent physicians? DNAvisit and Diax Labs are here to remove the guesswork, speculation and uncertainty for you and your patients along the genetic testing journey. Click here to learn more or to contact us.

* 2021 update issued by the Human Genome Project

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