Building a Growth Structure: The Natural Evolution of Our Management Team

Posted by Richard Byrd on Jun 15, 2022 11:51:22 AM
Richard Byrd

A clear vision. Innovative, high-demand products. Carefully chosen leadership.

These attributes are the cornerstones of Diax Labs’ growth structure. Reflecting the natural
evolution of our growing company’s management team, Diax Labs TM recently named Amit Gupta
as the new Chief Executive Officer to lead our company into its next phase of growth and
expansion. To address potential questions from our valued customers – independent physicians,
distribution partners, and patients – the following Q&A details about the importance of this
recent announcement.


Q: Why is Dr. Saad Alsaab transitioning from the CEO post, and will he still be part of Diax Labs’ management team?

A: Short answer: very much so. Dr. Alsaab will remain an active, driving force in the future
growth and expansion of Diax Labs. Having served as CEO since he founded Diax Labs
in 2015, Dr. Alsaab is now passing that role to a knowledgeable internal executive who
knows our vision and products, and who has an exemplary track record in finance. In
doing so, Dr. Alsaab will draw upon his vast clinical experience to focus on the timely
research and development of innovative laboratory products, long-term strategy, and the
company’s proprietary technology platform. Bottom line: These changes reflect the
natural evolution of our growing company’s management team.


Q: Why Amit?

A: Amit’s expertise in financial and strategic advisory, investment banking, and capital
raising endeavors uniquely position him as an operationally minded CEO to further
accelerate Diax Labs’ growth in a rapidly changing and highly competitive sector of
healthcare. Amit joined Diax Labs in September 2019 as the Fractional Chief Financial
Officer and has worked on various special projects across the entire organization. During
his tenure, our company has experienced enviable growth and profitability, including
during the COVID-19 pandemic when Diax Labs introduced innovative testing that
increased our exposure as a nimble, world-class laboratory.


Q: What does the future hold for Diax Labs?

A: With Dr. Alsaab as Diax Labs’ R&D visionary and strategist for our spectrum of
laboratory test disciplines, Amit’s operational and financial experience will play a critical
role in moving our company forward. The passing of the CEO torch places Amit at the
helm to drive the fast-paced day-to-day business operations of our independent boutique
high-complexity lab.

Q: What is Amit’s work history and academic background?

A: Reflecting an impressive career rooted in finance, Amit founded Crafted Capital in 2018
to structure ideal investment banking solutions for middle-market enterprises. Prior to
Crafted Capital, he worked in investment banking at PriceWaterhouseCoopers Corporate
Finance and Bank of America. Amit also worked in management strategy and operations
with Baldwin Bell Green and with Steve and Barry’s.

Amit’s academic background is equally impressive. He earned a Bachelor of Science in
management science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Master of
Business Administration in accounting and finance from UCLA Anderson School of
Management. Amit also studied at London Business School.


Q: How does this change impact me as a Diax Labs customer?

A: We are dedicated to ensuring continuity in the exemplary service you receive. Diax Labs
will continue to work with our distribution partners and their independent physicians and
patients to provide access to our growing suite of innovative solutions across four pillars
– toxicology and compliance, molecular diagnostics and pathogens, genetics, and blood
wellness and health – with an expeditious turnaround of detailed results. And we will
hold true to our values: transparency, innovation, professionalism, and excellence.


Q: What else do we need to know about Amit?

A: Amit is a proud husband and father of a three-year-old daughter and another on the way.
He grew up in Texas and worked in Europe and Asia before making it back home. When
Amit isn’t working, his hobbies are international travel, shooting sports, and playing golf.



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