PGx Testing

Genetics account for 20–90% of variability in drug disposition and effects. The rate of drug metabolism varies between individuals. People can be poor, intermediate, extensive or rapid metabolizer of drugs based on their genotype for CYP 450 family of enzymes. CYP 450 family of enzymes metabolized drugs to active or inactive metabolites. People that are poor or rapid metabolizer are prone to drug toxicity or lower effectiveness of drugs.

Statistically Speaking

770,000 injuries and deaths annually in the United States are tied to adverse drug reactions

≈1 in 15 patients will experience an adverse drug reaction

≈1 in 300 patients will have a fatal adverse drug reaction

Our pharmacogenetic testing service, PGx Testing, uses a patient’s genes to determine how they will respond to a particular medicine or a combination of medicines and identifies their unique sensitivities to possible drug effects. As a result, healthcare providers can minimize or completely avoid trial-and-error dosing and substantially reduce the risk of potential adverse drug events.

Simple, Accurate and Beneficial

  • This potentially life-saving test is simple and accurate.
  • Our expeditious 2- to 10-day turnaround time significantly outpaces the
    drawn out 6-week timeframe by many labs.
  • The comprehensive results and report are easy to understand for both clinicians and patients.
  • PGx test findings eliminate guesswork for physicians.
  • Patient safety is significantly improved.
  • Treatment selection is optimized.
  • Claims are typically pre-adjudicated to ensure insurance coverage, and a competitive cash pricing option is also available.

Physicians frequently utilize PGx testing when a patient has one or more of these issues:

  • an efficacious medication has been difficult to pinpoint
  • an unusually high dosage is required
  • an odd or expensive regimen has been prescribed previously
  • a family history of ADRs exists
  • a new medication is required
  • a prescription for Plavix (Clopidogrel) will be initiated
  • a drug metabolized by the CYP450 enzyme is being taken
  • a drug that inhibits or stimulates CYP 450 enzyme is taken
  • multiple prescription medications are being taken

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