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Chronic Care Management

UCompliDx is a ground-breaking compliance panel focusing on medications commonly prescribed for cardiovascular, diabetic, and inflammatory conditions.

UCompliDx will give providers a strategic insight into how patients are using the medications they have been prescribed, insight into which is incredibly valuable in forming treatment plans. With the onset of value-based care, compliance is rapidly becoming a key to payment in healthcare. Proving reimbursements, and there is a precedence for private insurances to copy the standard set by federal programs.

It is, therefore, imperative that providers explore new ways of demonstrating value.  There is an undeniable crisis when it comes to patient compliance. 50% of Americans prescribed chronic medication stop taking it within the first year, and 33% of prescriptions are never filled.

This adds up to a total cost of $290 billion in preventable health problems, missed work, and wasted medication, among other issues. UCompliDx is here to improve all aspects of chronic care management from prescription to payment.  

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