EZ Drop Tox

Greater certainty about how your patients are metabolizing their medication.

EZ Drop ToxTM drug metabolism detection service provides greater certainty than is possible with urine samples from just one drop of blood without the complexity and expense associated with conventional blood sampling.

Unlike urine sample, EZ Drop Tox enables you to witness your patient provide the sample so that you know the sample was not adulterated or substituted providing a higher level of security and certainty. Plus, there is no stigma associated with EZ Drop Tox.

EZ Drop Tox requires only one relatively painless drop of blood, and there is no need for a costly Phlebotomist or centrifuge on premises and since it utilizes a stable dry blood medium, it is inexpensive to transport needing no ice packs or special handling, and it is stable for up to one month.


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Startling Statistics

  • Sixty-three percent of Americans taking prescription drugs strayed from their physician's treatment plan and three in five were taking medications that weren't prescribed, according to a Stanford Medicine study. Nearly one-third has stopped taking a prescribed drug without talking to their healthcare provider, according to an NPR poll. Further, a review in the Annals of Internal Medicine revealed that 20-30% of prescriptions are never filled and nearly 50% of chronic disease medications are not taken are prescribed.
  • Opioid addiction steals 54,600 American lives every year, and deaths associated with drug overdose, including prescription opioids and illicit drugs, have increased twofold in a decade. In addition to the unnecessary loss of life, opioid misuse is threatening the future of physicians writing opioid prescriptions.
  • Opioids — prescription opioids, heroin, and synthetic opioids — are involved in two of every three drug overdose deaths, underlining the importance of regular prescription drug monitoring.

Important Legal Protection for Physicians

Our toxicology testing, extensive monitoring, and chronic care management solutions are critical to your medical practice in following federal compliance standards, regulations that require regular patient follow-up testing, and retractable pain laws and guidelines, which vary by state, to protect physicians who legitimately prescribe opioids to patients needing chronic pain management.


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