EZ Drop

One: the number of blood drops needed for Diax Labs'™ EZ DropTM drug interaction detection solution. This one simple, painless blood drop provides greater certainty without the expense, complexity and pain of conventional blood sampling and messy urine tests.


Statistically Speaking

81% of patients withhold medically relevant information from their healthcare providers

4 in 5 patients put themselves at risk for a potential drug interaction


Painless, Respectful and Sanitary. A quick finger prick for the collection of a single blood drop is painless and unencumbered. Unlike urine samples, EZ Drop™ testing is sanitary and carries no stigma, ultimately respecting the patient while providing greater care for them.

Tamperproof and Certain. Unlike a urine sample that’s collected by the patient in a private restroom, which makes the sample highly vulnerable to patient tampering or substitution, a clinician conducts and witnesses the blood drop collection, which yields the utmost certainty and security. 

Simple, Affordable and Stable. Unlike more complex, expensive blood draws EZ Drop™ is efficient, affordable and doesn’t require a costly on-premise phlebotomist or centrifuge since this test utilizes a stable dry blood medium. Transportation is inexpensive and requires no special handling or ice packs. The blood drop is stable at room temperature for up to 30 days, significantly outlasting the 7-day stability of a urine sample.

Intuitive and Qualitative. The clinician can see the blood as it saturates the collection medium, making the test both intuitive and free from collection errors. The single blood drop provides a qualitative solution for detecting concentration levels of medications.

EZ Drop Drug Interaction Detection Kit


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