Diax Labs'™ revolutionary DNA LOCKTM gives you 100% certainty that a patient’s urine, saliva or blood sample is authentic. A simple buccal swab, which takes less than one minute to conduct, is used to establish a patient ID using baseline DNA, and the patient’s DNA fingerprint is digitized. When a patient submits urine, saliva or blood samples in the future, DNA LOCK™ extracts sub-cells and runs an ID test to either confirm a genetic match or detect a genetic mismatch.


Patient Authentication Service

Simple         Seamless

Safe             Secure

Accurate      Reliable

A Simple 5-step Process for 100% Accuracy

Our streamlined, five-step process ensures consistent patient care by eliminating logistical issues for physicians and patients alike.

  1. DNA swab collected & witnessed by clinician in office or via telemedicine

  2. Physician submits an online order for a patient urine test

  3. Diax Labs™ mails the collection kit directly to the patient

  4. Patient collects the sample and mails it directly to Diax Labs™

  5. Diax Labs™ reports results & match or mismatch of sample ID

Who needs DNA LOCK™?

DNA LOCK™ was designed to accommodate testing needs for a wide range of patient profiles.

→ High-stakes patients who might substitute synthetic urine, saliva or blood out of desperation for a clean test result required for their employment, controlled substance refills, substance abuse treatment and probation

→ Patients who are immunocompromised, at high risk for contracting COVID-19 or otherwise hesitant to venture outside their homes during the global pandemic

→ Patients who have work, childcare, eldercare or personal circumstances that make it difficult to provide an in-office urine, saliva or blood sample

→ Patients who are traveling or temporarily relocated for work

→ Patients utilizing telemedicine for safety and convenience

→ Educational institutions, athletic programs and parents concerned about student adherence to drug-free policies


DNA LOCK™ enables greater security with Diax Labs™ other proven diagnostic services:


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Robust Methodology

The robust methodology at Diax Labs™ begins with a touchless sample collection, then confirms a match or mismatch of patient-sample authenticity and culminates with 100% physician confidence. Precise results are reported within 24 hours, allowing for seamless continuity of patient care.


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