100% confidence that a patient's sample is authentic.

Toxicology and Compliance Authentication Service

Drug testing is a proven method for ensuring patient compliance; however, there is always the risk that patients can substitute their urine with another person's to "cheat" the test. This has meant that clinicians have had to witness the sample being collected, which can result in privacy issues.

By collecting a sample of the patient's DNA using a urine sample, we can establish their identity based off of their unique DNA fingerprint eliminating the possibility for the patient to successfully substitute their sample.

Greater Certainty

By confirming patient-sample authenticity, physicians have complete confidence that their patients haven't substituted their sample, providing greater certainty for clinicians.


DNA LOCK™ enables greater security when combined with other proven diagnostic services at Diax Labs™.


A groundbreaking panel testing for compliance of medications commonly prescribed for cardiovascular disorder, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and inflammatory conditions.
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Prescription Medication Monitoring

An extensive 27-panel testing of urine accurately confirming whether patients are compliant with their drug therapies.
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  • Robust methodology for patient validation.
  • Ease of providing consistent patient care.


  • Touchless sample collection for physicians.
  • Less risk of exposure to COVID-19.


  • DNA collected by a healthcare professional in the physician's office.


  • 100% confidence in patient authenticity via "urine fingerprinting."
  • Precise results reported within 10 days.
  • Synthetic urine substitution is impossible.


  • Test authenticates whether the urine does/doesn't belong to the patient.


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