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Our Diagnostics Services

Diax Labs™ offers reliable and accurate diagnostics testing with fast turnaround times using our state-of-the art equipment, and overseen by our full-time Medical Director, Dr. Mehran Haidari. 



Respiratory Pathogen Panel (RPP)

Diax Labs™ offers highly utilized molecular testing for respiratory bacteria and viruses only performed elsewhere in a hospital setting, and we do so with a robust 24-hour validation.


UTI Testing

Our UTI Testing for clinicians who want a fast results and greater understanding of their patient’s health.


Wound Pathogen Testing

Our real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction provides the greatest sensitivity and specificity with the ability to rapidly detect and differentiate 98-99% of the most common aerobic, anaerobic, and facultative bacteria, viral and fungal targets, and polymicrobial infections.


Nail Fungus Testing

Our molecular genetic test helps clinicians identify the fungal pathogens found in nail tissue enabling doctors to begin targeted therapy within days.


COVID-19 Testing

At Diax Labs™ our clients expect the highest levels of accuracy and professionalism from us. That is why we chose PCR (polymerase chain reaction) as our testing technology. Fast, Accurate, and Reliable COVID-19 Testing in 24 Hours or less.





Prescription Medication Monitoring

Diax Labs'™ industry-leading clinical toxicology testing of urine, saliva and blood accurately confirms whether patients are compliant with their drug therapies, providing an important layer of protection for physicians to verify usage compliance, adjust treatment or terminate drug therapy to protect patients from harm and prescribing physicians from potential legal exposure.


EZ Drop™

One simple, painless blood drop provides greater certainty without the expense, complexity and pain of conventional blood sampling and messy urine tests.



Available exclusively through Diax Labs™, our highly sought, proprietary UCompliDx™ is a groundbreaking panel that tests for compliance of medications commonly prescribed for cardiovascular disorder, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and inflammatory conditions.



Diax Labs'™ revolutionary DNA LOCKTM gives you 100% certainty that a patient’s urine sample is authentic.



Introducing ToxMetrix, the first-of-its-kind integrated solution encompassing three laboratory tests that elevate personalized medicine for unparalleled prescription medication monitoring.



TeleMetrix™ is the only-of-its-kind telemedicine testing solution for prescription medication monitoring. 





CardioMetrix™ integrates three cutting edge diagnostic technologies enabling clinicians to truly create a data-driven personalized treatment plan for their patients.


Cardiac Genetic Testing

Mutations associated with inherited cardiovascular diseases and sudden cardiac death can be detected through Diax Labs'™ exhaustive Cardiac Genetic Testing.


Cancer Genetic Testing

Diax Labs'™ cancer genetic testing (CGx) targets the most important genes associated with breast, colon, pancreatic, gynecological and melanoma cancers.


Dementia-Alzheimer-Parkinson-Genetic Testing

An accurate, timely diagnosis of a nonreversible decline in mental function is crucial to ensure a personalized and data-driven treatment plan is provided to the patient.


PGx Testing

Genetics account for 20–90% of variability in drug disposition and effects. The rate of drug metabolism varies between individuals.




Allergy Testing

Diax Labs’™ unique allergy testing utilizes a IgE blood test to measure the body’s immune response to 71 specific inhalant, food and contact allergens.


Blood Wellness Testing

Diax Labs’™ comprehensive Blood Wellness panel provides vital insight into a patient’s overall health and is instrumental in developing a patient-centered wellness plan.


Autoimmune Testing 

Our comprehensive autoimmune testing is widely used by general practitioners, gastroenterologist and rheumatologists to meticulously screen, diagnosis and monitor autoimmune diseases.


Diax Labs Suite of Services

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